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BONDTECH™ High Heat Cart Liners & Medical Waste Handling Bags

designed Hazardous • Hospitals • Clinics • Laboratories • Industries • Veterinarians • Home Health Care

Ever melted those cheap liners and bags when autoclaving? Is cleaning your messy autoclave carts a bother? Protect your investment! Get Bondtech's high heat and easy to install "PRO-TECH" liners for your autoclave carts or other high temperature lining purpose. The Bondtech "PRO-TECH" liners provide several advantages to enhance your operation:

- Extend the life cycle of every cart utilizing the "PRO-TECH" liner.
- Reduce wear and tear on your dumper by dumping the treated waste easily.
- Enhance perception of clean/safe operation: Maintain carts free of debris.
- Eliminate a potential source of nuisance odors.
- Eliminate labor required to periodically remove waste debris from carts.
- Consistent full capacity utilization - eliminating waste build-up inside carts.
- Reduce occupational exposure, potential injuries related to cleaning waste from carts.

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BONDTECH ™ - A huge experience in various industries

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Our Factory


Bondech™ Corporation has been serving the needs of the retreading tire industry since 1983. Bondtech doesn't just sell machinery, we custom manufacture to specification, rebuild existing machinery, and service all brands of equipment, even our competitors. Our experience in various industries allows for a higher knowledge of customer's technical requirements.

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▪ Safety First for workers
▪ Hight Quality
▪ Lifelong Customers
▪ Inventive and Innovate
▪ Deliver Long-Term Investment Value
▪ Make a Constructive Difference
▪ Work together effectively as one team

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designed to meet customer's application and budget

Custom Design for independent customer needs: * Commercial Operations * On-Site Operations * Mobile Operations Bondtech's autoclaves are designed to meet each individual customer's application and budget. Consulting services are available. Industries: * Aerospace composite bonding * Rubber & Plastic * Glass * Wood * Cement * Medical; USDA waste & sterilization * Textile Industry * Food Bondtech's experience in various industries allows for a higher knowledge of customer's technical requirements. The reliability and dependability which is a must in the aerospace industry is a must in all of Bondtech's autoclaves.

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